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Enduring Legacy enduring-ladacy-2

An Enduring Legacy Of Over 5 Decades

Enduring Legacy

Founded in 1966, Jasani Group stands as India’s leading vertically integrated company. We proudly hold the titles of DTC Sightholder since 1973 and ALROSA Sightholder since 2009, establishing our reputation as a trusted name in the world of diamonds.

Today, we are proud to unveil Jasani Jewellery, a resplendent new facet of our 57-year legacy that specialises in diamond jewellery manufacturing and export. We have pioneered jewellery manufacturing and export from SEEPZ since 1988, becoming the first De Beers Sightholder company to receive a recommendation from SEEPZ. Our journey has taken us across the globe, leaving a trail of sparkling testimonials from countless clients who have experienced the brilliance of our creations.

The Guiding Stars Lighting Our Way


Sustainability and Ethical Practices

Diamonds should remain conflict-free, and at Jasani, they always have. We follow the De Beers Best Practice Principles, upholding the highest professional, social, environmental, legal, and ethical standards. We neither engage in nor encourage practices that go against the public interest, and we expect the same from our partners and customers.

Highest Standards of Quality

Our commitment to exceptional make and finish surpasses the industry benchmark. We offer unmatched quality at high volumes, never compromising on the brilliance that defines our jewellery.

Customer Orientation and Service

Our commitment to long-term relationships is proven by the fact that our first customer is still our largest. We work not as suppliers but as trade partners, fostering relationships built on transparency and integrity. Our customer-centric focus ensures the shortest response times and personalised service

Creativity and Innovation

We don’t just craft jewellery; we envision the future. Our keen eye for opportunities and swift responses bring our customers the next big idea before anyone else. We add value to their businesses, making us true partners in their success

Reliability and Consistency

We stand as your trusted partners. Our infrastructure and production planning systems ensure we deliver what we promise, when we promise it. This reliability has earned us the unwavering confidence of our customers.


Inspiring A Brighter Tomorrow

To be a global leader in large-scale manufacturing and export while surpassing the industry benchmarks and meeting every demand in the domestic and international markets. Exceptional craftsmanship, revolutionary innovation, exceeding customer expectations, and ethical practices are at the core of our vision.


With an unwavering focus on artistry and innovation, we aim to constantly push the boundaries of product development, ensuring that our creations transcend time and trends. We pledge to continuously exceed our customers’ expectations, catering to the diverse demands of both domestic and international markets and nurturing lasting relationships built on transparency, ethics and trust.

Why Partner With Jasani Jewellery?


Consistent & Dependable Deliveries, Every Time


One Of India’s Largest Sightholder Companies


Among The Pioneers In Jewellery Manufacturing & Export From Seepz


The Fastest Cycle For ‘Design Concept To Market’


Presence In Usa, Europe, The Middle East, Southeast Asia, And The Far East


57 Years Of Illustrious Legacy


Over 34 Years Of Global Distribution & Export


1,000,000 Jewellery Pieces With Over 7,000 New Designs


Award-Winning Team Of Designers

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