14 December 2023

Behind the Sparkle: The Precision of Quality Control in Diamond Jewellery Production

In the world of diamond jewellery, the pursuit of perfection is not merely an aspiration; it’s a prerequisite. There is nothing worse than jewellery that has manufacturing defects, such as missing parts, improperly fitted stones, poor finish, mismatched colors, misaligned patterns, sharp edges, or poor symmetry.

Diamond jewellery manufacturers need to ensure that workmanship complies with physical testing and quality standards to deliver enduring and exceptional jewellery pieces that stand the test of time. This is why diamond quality control during the manufacturing process is so critical.

Quality Control While Manufacturing Diamond Jewellery

Quality control in diamond jewellery manufacturing adheres to stringent specifications, ensuring that every piece reflects precision. Throughout the handcrafting process, quality control is carried out at every step as follows:

Model Making

Skilled artisans use various tools and techniques like CAD-CAM to design the model, ensuring it showcases the final product's size, shape, and intricacies. This detailed prototype serves as a guide, allowing the craftsmen to visualise and plan the intended jewellery piece with complete clarity.


Once the model is finalised, a wax mold is created based on the design. The wax replica acts as a template for the jewellery piece, aiding the final product's dimensions and aesthetics.


By employing various polishing techniques, the metal components are smoothed and sanded and each diamond is individually inspected and refined to achieve the desired shine, clarity, and brilliance. Polishing enhances the natural characteristics of diamonds, unveiling their innate sparkle and allure.


Skilled craftsmen solder and assemble each component, setting the groundwork for the final structure. Every piece is seamlessly put together, guaranteeing durability without compromising on aesthetics.


Highly skilled setters place and secure each diamond into their designated positions within the jewellery piece. The way the diamonds are set significantly impacts the piece's aesthetics and overall appeal.


Craftsmen meticulously inspect and refine every surface, edge, and detail, ensuring symmetry and finish. The finishing stage ensures that the piece meets stringent quality standards before reaching the market.

Quality Control

Stringent checks are conducted at various intervals by trained professionals to verify dimensions, proportions, gem quality, and overall aesthetics.

The entire quality control process ensures that only the finest, flawless pieces meet the brand's standards and reach customers.

How Jasani Jewellery Ensures Quality Control In Diamond Jewellery Manufacturing

As one of India’s largest Sightholder companies and leading diamond jewellery manufacturer, our commitment to excellence begins at the source. We acquire the finest rough diamonds, directly from the DTC. Each diamond undergoes meticulous scrutiny, careful sorting, and impeccable polishing, upholding our commitment to the four Cs: cut, clarity, colour, and carat.

Since our establishment in 1988, we've been at the forefront of jewellery manufacturing from SEEPZ, India. Our expansive manufacturing facilities, spanning 8 locations, house a skilled workforce exceeding 2,000 employees. Our specialised teams handle intricate designs, constantly refining our manufacturing operations under the guidance of process engineers.

The heart of our innovation lies in our 1,22,000 sq. ft. Product Development Centre. This center drives our large-scale production and ensures the shortest cycle for 'Design Concept to Market.' Leveraging cutting-edge techniques like CAD CAM, model making, and laser welding, our master artisans craft over a million pieces of jewellery annually, unveiling 7000+ new designs. Our dedication to the highest standards of quality is exemplified by our award-winning design teams, including recipients of the prestigious De Beers Award in jewellery design.

Our stringent quality assurance process and service-driven approach have established us as one of the most trusted, reliable, and preferred diamond jewellery manufacturers and exporters in the subcontinent.

Final Thoughts

In the diamond jewellery industry, perfection is not a luxury but a promise. At Jasani Jewellery, our meticulous quality control mechanisms ensure that every piece that bears our name epitomises the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality.

We pledge to continue crafting brilliance, offering only the finest, most exquisite diamond jewellery to celebrate every moment and milestone.

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